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Eastward House School Curriculum

Suited to each pupil

Eastward House School follows the Welsh National curriculum in the medium of English, but approaches it in a way that best suits each pupil.

We focus on enriching individual talents as well as providing an innovative education that extends our pupils in many ways.
We offer a full range of GCSEs taught via a blended learning approach which combines online and flexible lessons with face to face teaching and tutor sessions. We also offer other qualifications that may be more appropriate to highlight an individual’s strength.

Numeracy and Literacy skills are at the core of what we do in every subject and we have specialist programmes for those with SpLD. We develop high levels of competency in word processing and the use of technology and use this throughout the curriculum. Social skills, collaboration and developing a resilient approach to problem solving are also a focus throughout our work in the classroom, at Outdoor School and also with our Creative Cookery school. 


Until GCSE studies, apart from Numeracy and Literacy, a wide range of academic subjects are taught in a thematic way that promotes individual pupil engagement in the learning process. Pupil voice is extremely important to us and pupils have input into topics we study, how they connect to their learning objectives and the personal targets they are working towards. Pupils are always directly involved in reflecting on their own learning process.


Assisted by highly experienced and supportive teachers in a very nurturing environment, the pupils are enthused, inspired and excited about learning. Having fun, being creative and “thinking outside the box” is part of what we do, making sure that stress and anxiety is never part of our education.


We have a clear understanding of each pupil’s needs and strive to ensure that they reach their potential both academically and socially.   


For us, a child’s education should be as individual as they are. Our approach at Eastward House ensures each child or young person has a positive life-affirming sense of self-worth.

Our approach to the curriculum allows individuality and uniqueness to be acknowledged and celebrated.